Wrath of the Immortals was a loose campaign outline consisting of four short incidents that TSR published for the Mystara campaign world. The campaign starts as a simple “clear out the castle” adventure, and turns into a world shaking set of events set against the back drop of a continent spanning war.

Fans of Mystara or the original D&D adventures, might remember some of the classic adventures I’ve used to fill in the gaps including B10 Night’s Dark Terror, B6 The Veiled Society, and X8 Drums on Fire Mountain, all converted to use 3e rules. The rest of the events have been invented primarily from the suggestions presented in timeline.

Since the release of 4e, we have converted over and are continuing on.

The adventure log starts here.

Adventure log dates are given according to the Thyatian calendar which can be found here.

Wrath of the Immortals